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Performance Salon & Color Spa is located at 18 Ronnies Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri.  Call us at 314-843-4247.

Lose Inches & Detox Your Body

100% Guarantee to lose inches!  Rid your body of toxins and gunk.


Performance Salon & Color Spa - An Exclusive Hair Salon and Day Spa located in South County - St. Louis, MO.

Body Wraps

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All Body Wrap services include a consultation and a home maintenance recommendation.

Weight Loss Wrap  
This Body Treatment comes all the way from France.  Recommended for firming and contouring cellulite.  The slimming body shaping treatment stimulates and purifies the skin.  We apply the cream to the entire body and then wrap your body so that the cream will be absorbed into the skin.  It literally melts away unwanted inches.  You will not need a shower and it leaves the skin moisturized.

Detox Wrap  
This Body Treatment is used to remove unwanted impurities from your body and leaves your skin soft with a healthy glow.

100% GUARANTEE to lose inches!  Rid your body of toxins and gunk.  We recommend a series of 6 when combined with a healthy life style.


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